Gunnison Co Sept 30 - Oct 6 - CountryByWays
We have moved from Leadville to Gunnison Co. We will spend about a week here exploring and looking for leaf color. Our first trip was to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. It was about a hour drive to get there. By the time we did the sun was not doing me any favors in lighting the canyon. That is one reason they call it the black canyon. It is only for short periods that the sun get down into the canyon to allow decent photos. I did take a bunch but most of them don't look good. That was on the 30 of Oct. and the next day they closed the NPs so I never did get back. After that our next trip was up to Crested Butte and then down Kebler Pass. This is a dirt back road that climbs to 9980 feet. The views of the aspen forest are just outstanding. It interesting that the aspen this year is not turning uniformly. I know that it never does completely but it is very disjointed this year. You will see a large stand that is brilliant yellow and right next to it is a stand that is all green. At any rate we drove over and back and then came down Ohio pass which goes up to 10033 feet. The poor old vehicle just keeps on ticking. Two days latter we took a trip to Lake City and then the dirt road to Capital City. Lake City is still going and normally has quite a lot of traffic during the summer but in October most of the town is closed up. We went into several of the shops that were open and in one a painter told us that we should take the first part of the Alpine Scenic Byway. Only the first 16 miles is passable in a normal vehicle the rest is high clearance and 4WD only. So we took it and were very glad that we did. The mountains and aspen were great. This area of Colorado has a tremendous number of 14000 foot peaks that make for great views.