We are now in Tuba City AZ. We will be moving to Flagstaff tomorrow. The forecast is for cool temp and wind. Here in Tuba City we have had nice temps with the day time being in the 70's and nights around 40. In Bluff the night time was at 30 or lower and the day time in the 60's. The two days we will be in Flagstaff the highs will be in the 40's and night in the 20's. We seem to take the cold with us. While in Bluff we went to the Valley of The Gods and Monument Valley. Back in 2007 we visited the same areas. I have to say that Valley of The Gods is very much the same and quit a nice trip. I would not say the same for Monument Valley. There have been some changes that I did not like. First the road has gone down to the point that one should have a high clearance 4WD to make it through. The road down was nothing but ugly rock out crops. Going down was not that bad since you had gravity to help. Coming up was another story. Between the rocks you had to climb over you also had to dodge the vehicles coming down. The traffic has significantly increased mainly with tour trucks. The drivers of the tour trucks don't seem to care for anything but getting around the loop as fast as they can. Once down in the valley one finds that there has been a lot of development. There are trailer houses, horse stables, and camping areas. Almost every pull out had people trying to sell there crafts. Overall the monuments are still there but you had a hard time finding a view that did not have clutter. We took another trip over to Hovenweep NP. It was just open the day before. This was a great trip. I had been to the main area with the visitors center but had not been to the Holly and Horseshoe ruin sites. These were both great ruins. Bluff is also a nice stop with some neat houses and rock formations. From Bluff we went to Tuba City. We stopped here to take a trip down to Hopi Land. I don't have any photos of the area because they don't let you take pictures there. It is an interesting community. They try and maintain the old traditions and lifestyle. It is interesting because you can see the conflict between the present and the past. We also took a trip over to the Grand Canyon. It is still as great as it was 25 years ago when we were last here. Monday we travel to Flagstaff and we will get our solar panels mounted on the Moterhome. Then it will be a quick trip to Yuma and two appointment to get some more work done on the Motorhome. Hopefully we will be in touch again in the next weeks. Neil and Joyce

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