We have moved from Gunnison on to Ridgway Co. We are at the Ridgway State park. Some place ether at Gunnison or before at Leadville we picked up a hitchhiker. We have a pack rat that is making life miserable for us. He is in the space under the floor between the basement compartments. I have no way to get to it so have been trying all types of methods to get ride of it. We have tried traps, baits, scents and glue boards and the rat has lucked out for over two weeks so far. He has snapped the traps, pulled himself off of the glue board and consumed the rat poison with out any effect. We have been taking several day trips to explore the country. We have been up to Silverton and then on to Eureka. This took us over the Red Mountain pass at 11008 feet and up the Million Dollar Highway. I think that they call it that since that was not what they spent to make it. I normally don't have much trouble with roads being dicey. But that is one road I would not want to take with any type of weather. Most of the up portion is about a 8 or 9 % grade with at least several hundred foot drop off. There is no guard rail and the shoulder is about 10 inches wide. Yes and I don't think that there were many straight aways greater than 100 yards. At any rate we got up and down twice without any problems so it was more my mind than real. The country in this area is called the Switzerland of Colorado for all of the many peaks that are in the area. We are really just on the other side from Lake City. The second trip was to Ouray and then out to the Yankee Boy Basin and Mount Sneffles. This was another road that kept your attention all the way. Needless to say that the scenery was terrific. The end of the week it has been raining and snowing so we have been in camp most of the time.

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